Digital Brand Protection Strategy

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A powerful digital brand protection strategy enables quick detection of abusive digital content, ads and profiles so that they can be cleaned up as quickly as possible before they become an uncontrollable risk for the company or brand.

Digital Brand Protection Strategy

Wir übernehmen den Schutz Ihrer digitalen Marken im Web und stellen sicher, dass Ihre Markenrechte nicht verletzt werden. Markenidentitätswechsel sind eine wünschenswerte Komponente von Online-Bedrohungen, da sie Angriffen Glaubwürdigkeit verleihen. Cyberkriminelle können sich auf verschiedene Weise als seriöse Marke tarnen und über das offene Web, das dunkle Web, soziale Netzwerke, E-Mail, mobile Apps und andere digitale Kanäle Schaden anrichten.


Digital brand protection involves creating a solid brand protection strategy that helps prevent potential defamatory attacks, illegal brand use and intellectual property infringement by continuously monitoring all data circulating on the internet. Protecting the brand name and company reputation is essential in today's digital world. The brand is the most valuable asset and requires thorough and continuous protection services.

Whether an SME or a large multinational company, digital monitoring plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and continued success of the brand today and in the future. Protecting the brand's reputation, sales and intellectual property online is now an essential part of corporate strategy.

Cryptix Security is an expert in developing digital brand protection strategies for FinTech companies. With our expertise and a dedicated team of specialists, we protect digital assets with state-of-the-art technology and provide the highest standards of service.

Work packages:

  • Concept development and development of a digital brand protection strategy
  • Evaluation of potential digital brand protection suppliers
  • Creation of escalation plans in the event of brand protection breaches
  • Crisis management and simulation training (incl. creation of an emergency concept)

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