With the Cryptix Security Academy, you can best prepare your employees for the threats of the digital age.

Strengthen your safety culture

The Cryptix Security Academy is an important tool to help companies achieve data protection compliance. Our awareness specialists train your employees to establish security awareness in the corporate culture - in other words, security precautions should be part of the daily thoughts and actions of all employees, including management. This protects your information and your company from external and internal threats and prevents economic damage and loss of image.

Cyber awareness: the key to security and protection

Our security awareness training courses focus on people. Topics such as information security and data protection play an important role for companies, but many employees are not aware of this. We use behavioral science and psychological methods to increase the intrinsic motivation of employees so that they understand how important these topics are and behave accordingly.

Whether phishing emails, malware or targeted attacks on employees working from home: in our security awareness training courses, we show the ways in which cyber criminals infiltrate IT systems and enable your employees to secure their IT infrastructure.

Interactive learning, practical training sessions and the latest specialist knowledge from our IT security experts help you to develop a shared security awareness. This way, you can be sure that everyone in your company understands how cyber criminals operate and where they are targeting.

Strengthen your security culture with Cryptix Security

Our services

Strengthen your information security with our customized ‍E-Learning offers to strengthen information security where it has maximum influence: With your employees.
Discover your potential in an intensive consultation phase in which we develop a security awareness strategy for you and uncover your opportunities.

Interactive learning for more security in your company

Information security training. The best way to improve IT and information security in your company is simplicity. The simpler and more efficient the measures are for all employees, the better they can work.

Our awareness training courses focus on phishing simulations and a versatile e-learning program via an interactive platform in cooperation with Cryptix Security.

Workshops and coachings

Applied exercises based on practical examples are an essential part of these workshops, so that you can work through all aspects of a topic yourself in concrete tasks in order to optimize process quality in the company.


The webinars give you a comprehensive overview of the system applications and their possible uses. System combinations are used to provide advice and to plan and select products.

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