Data Protection Officer

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The appointment of a data protection officer or a data protection officer (DPO) is mandatory in some cases (for GDPR-compliant companies) and highly recommended in others to implement all processes and controls and ensure ongoing compliance with relevant laws.

Data Protection Officer

Our data protection officer supports you in implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO) securely.


Many companies and especially data protection officers are struggling with the challenges posed by the new data protection legislation (e.g. GDPR and the Swiss Data Protection Act). A working data protection framework (including governance, processes, policies, technical and organizational measures, secure cross-border data transfer, training, and awareness) minimizes the risk of fines for non-compliance. 

Work packages:

  • Assessment of the maturity level of organizational compliance 
  • Design of the required governance, processes, policies, technical and organizational measures, training, and awareness 
  • Conducting data protection assessments and implementing key compliance measures 
  • Ensuring compliance for specific areas (e.g. cloud services) 
  • Acting as a central point of contact for handling specific data protection requests (e.g. requests from affected persons or data protection violations) 
  • Design of a GDPR framework management and operational support for your data protection officer. 

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