Consultancy on the use of multi-standards

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Multistandards are a combination of several internationally recognised information security standards that are used to improve the security of company data and information.

We advise you on the efficient implementation of multi-standards in your company.

Advice on the use of multistandards

A thorough risk assessment is an important step in setting up a multistandard solution, as it helps to identify and evaluate potential risks associated with the processing and storage of data. By creating a comprehensive inventory of the different types of data that the company collects, processes and maintains, as well as tracking the origin and recipients of the data, the company can ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and minimise the risks to data privacy and security.


In an ideal world, an organisation could choose which cybersecurity standard is best for their business and then take steps to comply. However, in the real world, most organisations need to comply with multiple standards. These generally fall into three broad categories. 


  • Standards that require audits or third-party reviews (e.g. SOC, PCI-DSS)  

  • Standards that must be complied with without regular audits (e.g. FINMA requirements)  

  • Optional or voluntary standards (e.g. NIST or ISO27001)  

Work packages

A thorough risk assessment is an essential early step in setting up a multi-standard solution. The aim is to create a comprehensive inventory of the different types of data that the organisation collects, processes and maintains, along with a clear trail that tracks the origin and recipients of the data. In addition to developing an accurate picture of the organisation’s entire data landscape, this assessment should take into account the security expectations of customers and any contractual requirements from third-party providers.

  • Establish the necessary standards  
  • Setting up an internal control system (ICS)  
  • Evaluation of a possible technical solution, a so-called governance, risk and compliance solution (GRC) 

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