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Companies like to follow ISO standards because they provide an internationally recognized standard. There is such a standard for information security - ISO 27001/02. This standard has been expanded to include data protection and using the standard also ensures the protection of personal data.

The implementation of ISO/IEC 27001/02 stands or falls with the right advice. We support you in setting up your information security management system (ISMS) and preparing for ISO 27001:2022 certification.

What is ISO 27001/02?

ISO/IEC 27001/02 is the leading international standard for the introduction of a holistic management system for information security. The focus is on the identification, assessment and management of risks for information-processing processes. The security of confidential information is emphasized as an important strategic element.

Who is ISO 27001/27002 certification suitable for?

The ISMS standard ISO 27001/02 applies worldwide. It provides companies of all sizes and from all sectors with a framework for planning, implementing and monitoring their information security. The requirements are generally applicable and apply to both private and public companies as well as non-profit organizations.

Protection of intellectual property and trademarks

The newly published ISO/IEC 27002:2022 according to ISO 27001 helps to protect against cyber attacks that target intellectual property such as patents or research results.

Customer confidence and new customer acquisition

Certification proves that you take information security in your company seriously. Your customers can rest assured that their information is safe with you.

Improving the internal structure

The implementation of ISO 27001/02 requires a clear definition of roles and the establishment of suitable structures and processes in your organization.

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